Bruiser Rocks Cover Photo

Bruiser Members

Marcelli - Lead Singer

Celli has worked hard to become the leading force in front of the band with her strong vocals that leave most male singers quaking. Apparently she does have a quite ladylike side, we just haven’t witnessed it yet!

Jon - Drums

Jon has a vast amount of experience, some of it to do with drumming. He is solely responsible for increasing the average age of the band and being the most responsible member he takes on the organisation, which can be daunting given who the other members of the band are. A solid and reliable drummer his drum solos have been likened to sneezing, you can tell it’s coming, but you can’t do anything about it.

Jamie - Lead Guitar

Jamie was a clear choice from auditions held in Feb 2016 to replace Scott’s big boots. Fortunately Jamie comes from a background of original bands so makes for an interesting and refreshing change to the set as well as giving an energetic stage performance. A dustman by trade Jamie is into his trash but his playing is definitely far from rubbish.

Darren - Bass

Daz realised at a young age that he had a gift for gurning, pulling ridiculous faces and holding large pieces of heavy wood, it was inevitable that a bass player he would become. After a lifetime of different punk and rock bands he finally got asked to join the mighty Bruiser. Dangerous Darren terrorises kids for a living under the disguise of a teacher and tries to install some discipline in the band, which is why the other members are often found carrying out punishments.


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